Jutha Maritime Public Company Limited and the Group:

The core business of Jutha Maritime Public Company limited is marine transport. The Company and the Group have marine-related business that continuously and completely supports the core business of the Company to be in line with the economic conditions of the world shipping market.

Parent Company: Jutha Maritime PCL engages mainly in marine transport services. The Company offers time charter service, ship management service, and marine-related service e.g. cargo booking brokerage service, sale & purchase of ship brokerage service and ship charter brokerage service.


Staff Details:

Number of Employees as of February 28, 2015

Office Employee

Crews on board


Home Office

Mano Tower, 153 Sukhumvit 39, KlongtonNua
Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: 02-260-0050
Fax: 02-259-9825
Website: www.jutha.co.th
Email: office@jutha.co.th

Business: International shipping business
Type of business: Sea transport
Fleet tonnage: 59,407 Deadweight Tons
SET trading name: JUTHA
Capital registered: registered 650.700 million baht

Subsidiary 1

Jutha Phakakrong Shipping Co.Ltd. is a subsidiary company in
Singapore focusing specifically on vessel management services.

Head Office: 50 Raffles Place, #17-01 Singapore Land Tower,
Singapore 048623

Type of Business: International marine transport
Registered Capital: 0.5 million Singapore dollars
Investment: 100% of total investment

Subsidiary 2

Thaiden Maritime Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Nordana Line A/S,
Denmark to establish a subsidiary company, Thaiden Maritime Co., Ltd
with 225 million baht registered capital and the subsidiary company
secures 1 newly built multi-purpose vessel of 12,580 dwt

Head Office: Mano Tower, 153 Sukhumvit 39,
KlongtonNua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110,Thailand
Tel: 02-260-0050
Fax: 02-259-9825
Type of Business: International Marine Transport
Registered Capital: 225 million baht
Investment: 51 % of total investment

Subsidiary 3

J. Shipping Services Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company
that engages in marine-related services e.g. stevedoring,
ship agent, ship maintenance and repairing, in land transportation.

Head Office: Mano Tower, 153 Sukhumvit 39,
KlongtonNua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110,Thailand

Type of Business: Stevedoring, Ship Repairing and Ship Agency
Registered Capital: 15 million baht
Investment: 33.33% of total investment